Fuerte Avocado

Fuerte Avocado

we have 3 types of Avocado Fuerte, Hass, and African Jumbo.

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we have 3 types of Avocado,

  • Fuerte
  • Hass
  • African Jumbo.

Our Packing of avocados is done in 4 kg gross boxes (cartons) with each box holding between 9 and 26 pieces of fruit depending on the size. In the case where the fruits are shipped by sea, the fruits are packed in 4 kg- gross open trays that are firm enough to withstand moisture in the controlled atmosphere (CA) refers.
The main season for our avocados is March to September with Fuerte being available from March and Hass variety being available from May. However, it is worth noting that given the tropical climate and different avocado growing zones that we have, there are fruits throughout the year although in smaller quantities outside the main season period.

All our fruits are grown in the natural states some are grown in the wild tropical forest lands, all are free from the artificial enhancers, antibodies, hormones and Artificial flavoring that are not needed by your body