The Untold Truth Of Steve Harvey’s Dating Website

There are a lot of horny old men on this site. So ladies be careful…not all of them are looking for companions, marriage, or soul mate. All through their profile will say other wise…it really all about sex. I enjoyed using this site until my account “went away” for no reason. There is no way to contact a customer service person without first paying $35.

The Untold Truth Of Steve Harvey’s Dating Website

We should all create our own dating site. Everyone of you that negatively reviewed the site in question sound like Telugumatrimony the good guys. I balked from joining it, as it had a cheezy feel to it. I did not know it was this bad however.

You can’t specify the exact age range you’re looking for, and you can’t even select the distance from where you live. Unless you do a special search every time. I set him up with okcupid which is so much ore user-friendly. He asked to move to private email because, he led me to believe, he was going to be leaving the site. I cautiously agreed – but did not give him my primary email that is attached to anything else like accounts or anything.

One guy was such a story teller, at 60 he was young enough to know the internet and should have been old enough not to play games. Did he not think I could verify all of his stories? I’m writing this and seeing “Feedback 36 positive and 1 Neg.” and thinking ALL I read were negative responses, all of which I agree with, They do not reply to complaints only send a form Ltr.

Do not risk getting a 6 month charge by submitting your credit or debit card for a one month membership. Now at my e-mailbox today I got a message saying that one particular lady at the OT site flirted with me. Before I clicked the link, I saw the user name in the background of the e-mail. Because this particular woman was in touch with me previously. The issue was that I got a false flirt from her before.

Each has found me lovely, as beautiful inside a out . Pictures are of very attractive, well educated men One was even so silly as to send a picture of “TR” a model who is a frequent guest on Bare Foot Contessa. I immediately responded and told him how flattered I was that such a successful, handsome and well educated man was interested in me. I told him I was not one to let a good thing get away or let grass grow under my feet.


I told him that I was not wealthy and did not have that kind of cash. He replied – YOU DO AND YOU KNOW THAT I KNOW YOU DO. He was monitoring me and my accounts on my computer. He asked if I was at home and I said no – I wanted the conversation to end, but he said I know that you are, I can see you. He said that he was flying back from Ukraine Aug 16 to see me.

You’ll find a lot of opportunities to make your experience unforgettable with our services such as different options for communication, gift deliveries, etc. I found no evidence that this is a legitimate dating website. However, there was evidence that it uses bots, as my blank account was flooded with messages as soon as I signed up.

While it is possible to set a few search parameters, they don’t mean a thing. The site suggests “matches” that aren’t at all what you are looking for in terms of age, location, smoking/non-smoking, etc. Unless I have a few messages and can estimate the type of people using the site, I certainly won’t pay for a subscription. The quality of the people on their website is not their fault, but the lack of customer service from Ourtime is unacceptable and infuriating.

Not being able to filter the age, ethnicity or location is just ridiculous. By the time I get thru sorting thru all the men I’m NOT interested in, I’m just annoyed. I definitely won’t be renewing this membership. It seems like the site was just created to make money.

To my fellow males, TOTAL waste of time and money. As a guy, nothing but interest from pictureless, informationless profiles from people out of state, out of the country, who flirt you, like you, favorite you, email you. With all these bad reviews I see, I guess I’m shocked.